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rsync 1.1.0 error: max connections reached

0. 理论

rsync man 文档

max connections This parameter allows you to specify the maximum number of simultaneous connections you will allow. Any clients connecting when the maximum has been reached will receive a message telling them to try later. The default is 0, which means no limit. A negative value disables the module. See also the "lock file" parameter.
lock file This parameter specifies the file to use to support the "max connections" parameter. The rsync daemon uses record locking on this file to ensure that the max connections limit is not exceeded for the modules sharing the lock file. The default is /var/run/rsyncd.lock.

1. 错误信息和解决办法

1) 错误信息

@ERROR: max connections (1) reached - try again later

2) 解决办法


max connections = 0